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Community Education

Community Education


OPS recognizes that one of the biggest barriers to useful and appropriate service provision that survivors encounter is the widespread judgment and stigmatization that they experience because of their involvement in the Commercial Sex Industry. Additionally, social, institutional and community norms that view prostitution as a “victimless crime” and as a “free choice” compound the difficulty in getting the help they need to exit prostitution. OPS offers trainings and presentations that are designed to dispel common myths and misconceptions about Commercial Sexual Exploitation and give providers the information they need to be effective in their work with prostituted people.

OPS reaches out to engage with others in the community to ensure that there will be “no wrong door” for survivors to enter, that wherever they go they will be treated with the respect, dignity and understanding they deserve and that necessary resources and referrals are available to them.

OPS is pleased to offer customized training for:

  • Medical providers
  • Mental Health practitioners
  • Chemical Dependency professionals
  • Emergency and transitional housing providers
  • Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault providers
  • Students


As part of our effort to raise awareness about the harm of prostitution and shift social norms that support it, OPS provides presentations to the community on a variety of issues related to Commercial Sexual Exploitation and gender-based violence.


All proceeds from trainings and presentations benefit OPS work with survivors.

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