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Healing Through Art & Yoga

“I am not just looking to cope anymore, I’m looking to transform.”

The Impact of Trauma

Survivors are greatly impacted by trauma, and it’s long-lasting effects can manifest in a variety ways

•Hopelessness and despair•
•Difficulty connecting with others in an authentic or deep way•
•Disconnected from self, from others, from our body•
•Feeling not important, not of any value•
•Feeling “bad”, deserving of abuse•
•No understanding of “normal” and what is not•
•Black & white thinking and feeling•
•Emotional deregulation•

The Importance of Art in the Healing Process

Art offers a way to  reconnect with the self through self-expression, which in itself is validating

•It is private and “public” if shared, a choice•
•It is Empowering•
•It is self-soothing•
•It is process-oriented, the process itself is celebrated, supported•
•It is a safe way to feel and express•
•It gives permission to tell a difficult story•
•It offers a release•
•It is a way to mourn and grieve together•

The Importance of Yoga in the Healing Process

OPS offers safe, self-paced, personalized  yoga for survivors focusing on breath, mindfulness, and movement. Based on the principles of Integrated Movement Therapy (IMT),  a holistic therapeutic modality affirming inclusion, diversity, social justice and personal healing , the student is unconditionally regarded as the expert of her own experience,  she has full agency of how she chooses to practice with the guidance of a certified yoga therapist, the student and teacher work practice in partnership whereby  both  are unlimited in their abilities to heal and  no part of  the body/ mind/ spirit complex  works alone.  The classes explore how we can use yoga as a way to manage symptoms of PTSD, to cultivate self-awareness through self-inquiry and movement and how to use our breath as a way to calm our mind and body, to  build strength and resilience, and  to cope with stress and triggers.

Please click here to hear more from Martha Linehan, our Art Workshop facilitator and yoga instructor


All supplies and equipment for Art Workshop and yoga are provided by OPS. Come as you are.