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Is buying sex a problem for you?

“If I’d gotten information about this program before I could have saved my relationship and myself from being arrested.”- former SSE participant

  • Do you ever feel bad about buying sex?
  • Has buying sex ever created difficulties for you?
  • Are you worried getting caught buying sex could cost you your relationships, family or job?
  • Has anyone been hurt because of your sex buying?
  • Do you hide your sex buying from others?
  • Have you felt degraded by your sexual buying?
  • Are you often preoccupied with thoughts of sex buying?
  • When you buy sex, do you feel depressed afterwards?
  • Has buying sex been a way for you to try to escape your problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions:

You are not alone.

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Stopping Sexual Exploitation: a Program for Men

is a non-judgmental program based on principles of social justice and personal transformation that’s designed to help men understand their behavior and promote their own decisions to not buy sex.

It is not about assigning blame.

It is about examining the factors that prevent men from living fully engaged lives.

The program:

2 individual interview sessions before participation in the group.

8 weekly group sessions follow. Group size is limited and the 8 learning modules are highly interactive, utilizing exercises and group discussion to engage participants in a process of self-reflection in a supportive environment.

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In the words of participants:

“I highly recommend this class for any man….  This class will reward you in all dimensions of your life.”

“I learned that the harms of prostitution go much deeper than what appears on the surface.”

“This class helped me learn a lot about how to develop and improve my relationships with people.”

“Prostitution hurts everyone that’s involved, but we can do something to stop it.”

“I realize that I was using prostitutes as receptacles for my own shame. They didn’t deserve that.”

“This class helped me take a good long hard look at myself and my relationships. I want to use this to make my relationship with my wife a mutual relationship rather than a controlling one where I am trying to control her.”

“Unless we understand and face our own pain we are destined to pass that pain on to others around us whether it is buying sex or behaving badly in our own personal relationships.”

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