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Ending Exploitation Collaborative

Ending Exploitation Collaborative brings together survivors, community service organizations, businesses and local prosecuting authorities to carry out a comprehensive strategy to reduce demand and facilitate exit from prostitution.Addressing demand and providing survivor services is the only proven way to end commercial sexual exploitation. Past practice punished prostituted people instead of those who caused the harm: the sex buyers. The cycle of prostitution-related crime and sex trafficking persisted and victims continued to be harmed. This new approach engages multiple sectors of society to reduce harm to exploited persons and hold exploiters accountable.

Survivors and community organizations partner with county and city prosecutors 

People are typically coerced into prostitution as minors, controlled by pimps, experience multiple traumas, and face many barriers to escaping prostitution.

The new model emphasizes connecting prostituted people to services and addressing the demand for prostitution.

​Our goal is to reduce demand for commercial sex by 20% in two years. Reducing demand will decrease harm to prostituted persons, reduce self-destructive behaviors of buyers, and curb sex trafficking in our community. 

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