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About Us ~

The Organization for Prostitution Survivors (OPS) was founded to address the harm of prostitution, and create opportunities for adult women in Seattle to seek supportive services and heal from the gender-based violence. OPS operates within three focus areas: Survivor Services, Community Education, and Men’s Accountability, with all aspects centered on the voices and leadership of survivors.

Co-Founder and survivor of 15 years of prostitution, Noel Gomez, recognized an acute lack of services for adult survivors of prostitution while working at YouthCare’s Bridge program and facilitating the Sex Industry Workers Class for the City of Seattle. This acute lack of services inspired Noel to create OPS. Noel collaborated with Peter Qualliotine and other survivors and allies in Seattle to establish OPS in the spring of 2012.

In the past year, several services for women were established, including weekly drop-in, survivor-led support group, and Art Workshops. Through peer mentoring and empowerment-based advocacy, OPS walks alongside survivors as they identify their needs. We create a non-judgmental environment where survivors are supported to engage in critical dialogue about their experiences, and begin to heal. OPS is a social service agency, and an agent of social change. Ending the harm of prostitution for future generations of women and girls requires changing the social and cultural norms that support it and all other types of violence against women.